“It was there on my mat (quilt) that the clarity I was seeking came.”

Kolleen's class at Life Restoration camp of BGC was both soul restorative and opened the door to new growth & opportunities.  We gathered in a circle on the grass, under the sun to practice some yin yoga (my favorite!).  I'd come to the retreat seeking clarity for some projects I'd considered taking on.  We'd done soul searching writing but the clarity hadn't come yet.  As we centered our bodies and our souls on the earth under the blue sky, Kolleen invited us to connect with our souls and to make a decision - just one decision- something we could decided right then & there.  That invitation coupled with the preparatory work and the yoga practice she led us in were a turning point for me.  It was there on my mat (quilt) that the clarity I was seeking came.  I was ableto decide on the course of my next life pursuit.  Once that single decision was made, everything was lighter and the self doubt I had about my choice easily fell away.  Even as the doubts of my brain would come up they seemed to roll off like water on a duck's back.  Kolleen's spirit, teaching and connection have given me the gift of clairty and hope.  I highly recommend you take any class or attend any retreat she's a part of.




Forever in Gratitude