Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor

Embodiment Coach

Reconnect to your Body through Gentle Yoga and Soulful Inquiry - LEARN how to listen to the Voice of your Body.

Heal your Heart through Personal, Private Coaching Sessions - One on One time with me to HELP you where you are struggling, where you are blocked or stuck, feeling disconnected..

Awaken your Soul by dropping within through Movement, Mindfulness and Meditation - RECONNECT to the ONE TRUE voice within - the Soul's Voice.



Soul Restore

Yoga & Coaching

Soul Restore Yoga - Yoga to accompany you on your path to Healing.

Soul Restore Yoga Sessions are an invitation to reconnect to your body, heal your heart and awaken your Soul through a combination of gentle yoga practices & embodiment coaching.

Embodiment Coaching is for anyone that may feel disconnected from their body, is working to heal from trauma, or simply may feel as if they have forgotten how to breathe!

It is an Invitation to reconnect to your body, to take a deep dive in to places where you may feel stuck, resistant to change, feel a sense of disconnect, and maybe have a sense of feeling lost. It is a compassionate and kind way to drop within and listen to the messages your body, heart and soul may have for you.

Both of these tools will help support emotional processing, reduce stress and anxiety, aid in learning tools for self regulation, help to empower you to make choices that best serve you and guide you back HOME to the true essence of WHO YOU ARE!

These sessions are personalized for each individual clients’ needs … whether it be working to heal post traumatic stress, learning to listen to the voices we hold within, or to reconnect to those parts of us that may seem lost or forgotten. These sessions help you return back HOME to YOU!


Private Sessions

We can connect remotely from your own private, safe space - anywhere in the world or in person.

Together we will create the perfect program specifically for YOU … for your personal needs. We will work together to decipher what is best for your body, mind, heart & soul.

Our time together will allow you to explore your thoughts safely and without any judgment. I will be your witness in helping you on your healing path. Our work together will aid in you gaining clarity surrounding areas in your life that may need deeper understanding. We will find tools to help you in areas you feel stagnant or disconnected.

Through our private sessions I will be your cohort and guide empowering your personal growth and supporting you in your healing process.

It is time for you to rediscover your true essence, restore your soul and return back home to YOU!

Single Private Session / 60 min. / $55.00

4 Private Sessions / 60 min. each / $200.00

“I don’t expect that I will ever feel lost again.”

“Kolleen led me to a place of peace... She guided me through meditation... helped me find what was really missing in my life... helped me find balance... we did a bit of chakra work... a bit of dream and vision interpretation... which was  so healing and informative for me... I don’t know if I can adequately put into words what I gained through my life sessions with Kolleen... laying yourself bare to someone is difficult... feeling like you are whole for the first time in your life... well that’s an amazing experience... that’s really what I gained from our work together... a sense of being whole... of acknowledging my whole self... of valuing parts I had closed off... freeing myself from traumas that we’re crushing my soul... through talking... journaling... meditation... yoga... Kolleen helped guide me from the dark into the light Kolleen has given me so many useful insights and techniques to use daily... to continue on my path of self discovery... I don’t expect that I will ever feel lost again.”



Group Classes. (Where I Teach)

When we gather together and practice Yoga, there is a magic that occurs … a sense of community, oneness.

Hop over to “Teaching Schedule” to join me for an in-person class.


Workshops. Retreats. Gatherings. Celebrations.

Let's create magic together!

Let me create specialized classes that relate to the theme of your specific workshop, retreat, gathering, celebration.