Reflecting a bit on this Sunday morning about this dance I have begun with yoga - and came up with a little list of 7 (because it's such a Holy Sacred number) lessons yoga has taught me so far on my journey:

1. My body has a voice that doesn't know how to lie and has many messages for me if I can drop in to listen.

2. Just Breathe through it - the pose, life, anxiety, the moment.

3. Stay connected to the present moment - that is all there truly is.

4. Yoga is an incredibly beautiful doorway back home to oneself.

5. Release and let go of that which no longer serves.

6. My time on the mat has become incredibly sacred, where I feel connected to that which is Greater. (When I am feeling lost or stressed, my mat is surely a place I can go to).

7. It is so much more than doing a pose. It is mind, body, heart & soul connection.
I am so grateful for the lessons thus far and for my many beautiful teachers that have met me on the dance floor.