Who inspires you?  Who do you look up to?  Who do you admire?  Who, in your life, drives you to want to be better?

For me, that answer is quite simple -  it is my mom.

When I was a tween/teenager, I recall my mom talking with my dad about wanting to begin teaching aerobics within our community.  She had a vision to help others, at any fitness level.  With my dad's help, she was able to start teaching a couple nights a week during the summer in one of the gymnasiums where I went to high school.  (If memory, serves me correctly ... she charged $1.00 per class!!) My sisters and I would go to her classes often to support her and help in any way she may have needed.

When I was 18 years old, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She had a single mastectomy and went through several rounds of chemotherapy.  I honestly don't remember too much from that time, except that she was terribly sad to not be able to teach "her ladies" and couldn't wait to just back to work at the nursing home and to teaching her exercise classes.  Feeling helpless, I knew the one thing I could possibly do for my mom was to step in and substitute teach until she was strong enough to come back.  I was nervous yet also knew how much all these ladies loved my mom, and from going to her classes so much felt capable in leading the group. Once my mom was healthy enough, she came back and we co-taught these classes togethe.  It was one of the most fun times I have had with my mom.  We would pick out the playlist and make up routines to the songs.  It was truly one of my most precious and beloved times with my mom.

We then went on to take take our Personal Training tests through ACE (the American Council of Exercise).  We would be down in the basement studying, studying, studying for weeks and hours on end!  I moved across the country shortly after that and sadly did not keep up with my continuing education as a Personal Trainer. 

My next journey began over a year ago, with my mom once again, being the catalyst.  She began teaching yogaToday, she has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and still rocks it at nearly 71 years old. She still teaches several days a week with students that have been with her for years. She is a big reason for my desire to become a certified yoga instructor and to help guide others on that path. Thank you Mom For all you do. Once again, I follow in your footsteps. And my hope is we can Co-teach together again one day!!! I love you 💛 #myyogajourney #mymom #myinspiration #yogapractice #teacher #guide #blessed